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When did this program start?
In 1997 with funding from the William H. Kaufman Charitable Foundation.

Why did this program start?
This program started because there were no self esteem programs available in the area for girls in this age range.
Good self esteem is important to the emotional and physical health of every person.
This program targets 8 1/2-13 year old girls due to the demonstrated drop in self esteem experienced by female adolescents.

Is the program only here in Cumberland County?
No, the program has been distributed to different locations across Nova Scotia and Canada. We have even had the program reach as far as Hong Kong. But this website is only about the workshops offered in Cumberland County, Nova Scotia

Awards Won:
In 1999, our program was the national recipient of the Helen and Fred Bentley Award. The award recognizes outstanding achievements, particularly those that impact health and well-being of youth, adults, and/or children.

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